greenlife structures horticultural films & fabric- weedmat &pins

Per 108 gsm x 0.91 wide x 100m long roll 
81.00 Including GST

Per 108 gsm x 1.83m x 50m long roll 
81.00 Including GST 

Per 108 gsm x 3.66m wide x 100m long roll 
$310.00 Including GST

Per 108 gsm x 5m wide x 100m long roll 
$419.00 Including GST

Weedmat Pins – 100 Pack
$30.00 Including GST 


  • Manufactured from commercial grade woven polypropylene
  • 5yr UV degradation warranty
  • 108 gsm (grams per square metre)
  • Green pot lines the entire length of the roll allow for easy stock alignment


  • Massive reduction in herbicide use
  • Reduces the incidence of persistent weeds by over 90%
  • The woven permeable nature of weedmat allows the soil to breathe which combats fungal growth
  • Promotes healthier plants through a cleaner growing environment
  • Tough and durable

weedmat pins


  • 130mm long
  • UV stabilised HDPE


  • Durable, cannot rust and long lasting
  • Easy to install